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Carpet and Rug Services

Our technicians at Athens carpet cleaning company is dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint and protecting the health of our customers. Our trucks have industrial strength vehicle-mounted vacuums in order to conserve energy and provide maximum benefit to your carpet. Our technicians KNOW how to treat every situation and get the job done right.

Upholstery and Furniture Services

Your upholstery and furniture in your home usually sees a great deal of traffic from people and maybe your pets. Keeping these areas clean is important to maintaining a healthy and comfortable living area. Odors, dust, dirt, and allergens all build up over time. By using our professional upholstery and furniture cleaners at least every two years homeowners can rest assure that they are being protected from harmful micro-organisms.

Air Duct Cleaning

The presence of dust and allergens in air ducts are a leading cause of allergic reactions and asthma attacks in the home. Despite just our carpet cleaning name, we do more than just carpet cleaning in Athens. Our technicians are trained to remove the dangerous build up of bacteria, pollens, micro-organisms, and dust mites that will inevitably accumulate in environments like your duct work.

Carpet Cleaning in Athens GA

Unlike what some homeowners or office management might like to think, the carpet undoubtedly happens to be an extremely integral component of any home's or office's day to day functionalities. This makes it only right that it receives the prerequisite attention it deserves. Which naturally prolongs its life and also enables it to maintain its attractive appearance at all times. As an upcoming carpet cleaning services provider we fully understand our immense responsibility to all our clients, and we always go out of our way to ensure we deliver quality services.

Out of sheer necessity we have retained very experienced and highly skilled technicians who invariably have in-depth knowledge of the diverse kinds of carpets or even rugs in the market. Together with the distinctive brands that are popular in many residential or even commercial settings. More to the point our highly versatile technicians are always in a position to effortlessly ascertain the right types of products to utilize in any carpet cleaning assignment. As well as the best techniques to arrive at optimal results that will leave you dazzled. This essentially means that regardless of the specific kind of carpet you have, it will receive the personal attention it deserves to prolong its usability, while also maintaining its aesthetically-pleasing attributes.

To underscore our commitment we only use the very best industrial grade cleaning products such as shampoos, deodorizers and even appropriate carpet protection. This can go a long way in effortlessly eliminating stubborn stains and also preventing future staining from accidental spills. We also take our time to address pertinent factors such as allergen-causing particles, that can over time, be lodged in the fibers of your carpet. This includes dust, dust mites, pet dander, and even those airborne pathogens that are difficult to spot. Which ensures you receive high quality carpet cleaning services that will not only make sure your carpet remains in excellent condition. But also enable your home to be hygienic and safe to all its inhabitants at all times.

Our company has also heavily invested in cutting edge technology equipment to guarantee we execute the best job possible in every single assignment we take. This obviously includes the legendary truck mounted machines that can effortlessly produce sufficient steam at varied temperatures to tackle any carpet or rug in a comprehensive and very time efficient manner.

As would be expected with an emerging Athens carpet cleaning company, we are also very committed to earn all our customer's trust, and you will always get accurate and honest quotes as well as estimates before we undertake any work on your carpets. You can also rest assured that there will be no additional charges when the job is finally completed. It is thus quite self evident just how our unmatched carpet cleaning services can be critical to the well being of your carpet and also in extension your home or office. Should you be thinking of having your carpets or rugs cleaned in a totally professional way, you may want to make the smart decision and give us a try today!

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